Monday, April 8, 2013


Yep. Our last BCA excursion of the entire semester. I can't believe how fast it is going. My posts are a little out of order now so there will be plenty more posts, I just haven't gotten there yet.
Well, this last trip was to Quilotoa which is an active volcanic lake. The pictures, again, don't do it justice, but I'm sure that you can tell the view was fantastic. The weather was cool, but there was enough sun to sunburn many of our white faces which we didn't realize until we were home.
After marveling at the view from the top, we all decided to make the 45 minute hike down into the crater. From the top, it didn't really seem like it would be too bad of a hike. Our perspective changed a little bit the moment we started down the steep and twisty trail.


Some areas of the trail were really rocky, some deep and sandy, and some just slippery because of how steep it was. With that said, we all couldn't stop laughing at each other nearly face planting every three minutes. We did have two winners though with complete wipe outs: First place went to Hilary and second went to Elizabeth.
Even with all of the caution, we were still able to appreciate the scenery around us: purple and yellow flowers, green water that changed colors when the sun passed behind the clouds and just the trails in general.

By the time we made it to the bottom, we were all hot and ready for a nap so we sat on the edge of the cliff, staring at the water and taking in the view.
We could see the water bubbling!
Down a little farther we could actually walk down right to the water. A few of us did and found mules drinking out of the lake right in front of us.
 It surprised me how cold the water was considering it was laying on top of an active volcano. When it was time to leave, we walked up to the group of mules, hopped on the saddle and off we went back to the top.
Not everyone decided to take a mule back to the top, but I am more than happy that I did. For one, I'm not the biggest fan of hiking, especially when the trail is at a 90 degree angle or felt like it at times anyways. Second, when I passed a group of my friends who did decide to hike, they were already out of breath and trying to bribe me into switching with them. The sad part is that it was only ten minutes into the hike. They are troopers and all made it successfully.
Once we made it to the top it was time for a little lunch that consisted of soup, chicken, rice, salad and potatoes. The meal was quick and then we were on our way to an art gallery. Oh yeah, before that. We met at five in the morning so that we could make it to the Zumbahua market (3.5 hour ride). This is an indigenous market that surprised me with the smells of frying food, herds of sheep and variety of things being sold. There was everything from bananas to live chickens, pig heads to cheese and earrings to fox hoodies.

Is it okay for all of this raw meet to be laying out on a table in the sun?

We were a little hungry in the morning so we decided to buy a bag of bread. A few of us decided to split a bag of the chocolate swirl bread, but really we all could have bought our own without any problem. One bag of six rolls only cost a buck and it was delicious.

Okay, so after the market was the lake and after the lake was our final stop at the art market. Daniel told us that this man was actually the one who brought back this style of painting and it was on accident. He painted the side of a drum that he was taking to play at a wedding when some already well-known artist passed him on the street, stopped, and asked if she could buy it off of him. He told her that he was taking it to the wedding but that he could paint her one later. Ever since then, he has been very successful with his art and was there to show it to us. His daughter is actually a singer now so there is a whole bunch of talent in that family.


Another awesome trip was planned by our directors and I am so thankful for all of these opportunities that they are giving to us. Ugh, I'm so bummed that it is almost over.

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